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20 years in the market

We import and prepare salt cod mainly from the Faroe Islands, Norway and Iceland. Only the highest quality cod is chosen, enabling us to adapt to the changing market and to meet the specific needs of each client.

They traveled to the Faroe Islands, Norway, Iceland and other origins strategic looking for suppliers who offer the best raw materials, search which currently remains constant and is a challenge that every day two partners face.

There are many who wonder what the meaning of the name the BARAJILLA, its origin has a historical source, the term BARAJILLA was used in the port of passages to classify a fish size too small for its Marketing, but that was supposed to be 20% of the catch. The fishermen requested the company of the port, the size “La Barajilla” to handle themselves of their marketing in the markets of their environment

Our company’s valuable experience in cod import owes itself to three family generation’s dedication and hard work. We take great care in developing and maintaining customer relations, and our mission is to give a personalized service to each one.

Nuestras oficinas
Nuestras oficinas
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One of the main values of the Barajilla, is our team, committed professionals who, with care and dedication, care for detail in the manufacture of the product.

Focused on the purchase, development and supply of seafood, we select the best raw material in origin and control all processes of cold, drying, desalted, elaborated and distribution to always offer a good genre.


Traceability from the sea to the plate.

Food safety and food quality are top priorities at La Barajilla, sl. La Barajilla’s quality management system has been established in accordance with the HACCP principles which encompass the Company’s own stringent control system. Our internal control system covers the entire process from raw materials to finished products.

La Barajilla assumes the principles and norms established in the FAO code of conduct, in its strong commitment to contribute to responsible Fisheries requires its suppliers official catch, sanitary registration and specifications of fishing methods.